Helping you get the best from your people through a great employee experience

When it comes to HR, you don’t just want to tick the legal boxes - you want to make your company a great place to work. You know that a great employee experience means your people deliver the best service to your customers. And happy customers means a successful business!

The HR challenges of a growing small business

As your company grows, your HR needs are greater than you can handle yourself, as the business owner. You have the option to get one of your employees to handle things like hiring, contracts, sickness absence and disciplinaries, but it’s not ideal - HR isn’t their main role after all.

Just as you only put your finances into the hands of an expert accountant, you know HR should really be handled by an expert.

But hiring an internal qualified HR professional is too expensive and you don’t have the need for a full-time person.

So why not outsource? Well, you’ve looked at options for HR outsourcing and while the price is attractive, it seems so impersonal. You know your people deserve better.

What’s the solution?


Calm, responsive expertise when you need it

Sheena Doyle FCIPD

Hello, I’m Sheena Doyle. I’m a fellow of the CIPD with over 30 years’ experience in HR working for companies such as Starbucks, Boots, Royal Bank of Scotland and a variety of smaller businesses.

My passion is helping SMEs, charities and social enterprises to not just deal with HR issues, but build a fantastic company culture and employee experience.

Hiring an external HR consultant is the flexible solution which growing companies need. It feels like having an in-house HR professional, but is far more cost-effective. I’m always available at the end of the phone whenever you need to ask a question or get advice on an issue. And I can collaborate with you to build the employee experience which enables you to get the best from your people.

And of course it goes without saying I will guide you through the employment law minefield, managing risk and avoiding pitfalls.

Let me start you on the road to being a great place to work, and remain with you as you grow.

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