"Truly a collaborating partner"

"Sheena is a consummate professional and a very genuine person, which I mean in every sense of the word. She has a gift very few possess, the ability to truly listen and hear the story behind the issue... I believe this stands her apart as it allows her to not only provide an HR solution but to educate people on how the problem was caused so that you may become better leader and prevent a recurrence. Like me you probably don't need a full time HR Manager but would like access to an experienced business focussed HR professional as and when required, which makes Sheena's model so valuable. She is only needed, and always available, when there's an issue, or for hiring support, or for an employment law verification, etc. yet you have the rare confidence to rely on her knowing she is truly a collaborating partner in your business. I highly recommend that you invest some time to meet with her as I am positive your return will be worthwhile."